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Riley Herb formula

Alpaca Lactation Herbs

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Product Specs

  • Herbs will ship in five pound bags. This is enough for the treatment of one alpaca for 40 days.

Product Description

When Tom Riley decided to retire, Linda and I spoke with him and he generously passed on his formula for alpaca lactation herbs. Living in Indiana, our pastures are primarily fescue, a grass known to cause issues with milk production. We have successfully used this formulation with our females and have had excellent results. If you have females that are difficult milkers, these herbs may help. The following is a short description of the herb protocol:


The program that we use for alpacas during the last four weeks of pregnancy is:

Two (2) ounces of herb mix (this can be measured by using a standard one half cup cooking measure cup which holds 2 oz. of herbs when filled to the brim). You need one half cooking cup per day per alpaca.
Mix the herbs with your feed mixture once a day. Keep the unused herbs in a dry cool location.

This mix includes dill, caraway, fennel, and fenugreek seeds along with chopped and shifted basil leaves.

Five pounds per alpaca should provide treatment for 40 days. We start 3-4 weeks before the expected due date and continue until all of the herbs are used.